Video Gallery

If you are interested in me ediditing a movie for you contact me at:

On the beach we’re always busy with our video camera. 4est loves to edit his own movies on his Mac. Be prepared for more of his radical stuff, because we’ll be uploading new movies made by 4est all the time.

Yo, keep checking back for more!

This is it 41.6

Tarifa 41.2 (episode 2 of around the world)

Around the world Ep.1 (Number 41)

Mas Adrenalina!

The Moment

4est Tarifa april 2009


4est Tarifiction 2


4est Tarifiction (The Movie)


4est Summer Kite


4est and Flexifoil II


Be sure to check out 4est’s kiteboarding channel at YouTube >

  1. Luna Bakker

    He Forest, you are the best. I hope you are good in the next competicion… I’m mising you a lot, papa whants to know all about the competicion in tarifa…. I hope you are OK. Love you, Luna (your sister)

  2. Hi Forest!

    Your website is looking good dude!
    When are you in Holland!
    We should meet eachother!
    See ya soon!


  3. Avec un niveau pareil, tu mériterais d’être dans le top 5.
    ils n’ont pas tord de te comparer a Aaron, tu es vraiment impressionant !!!!
    Vivement l’arrivée de nouvelles videos, tu es dementiel !!!!

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