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It has been pretty busy for me since the end of summer, lately i have worked a lot on film production and traveling around working on that, after two month of making videos for other people i decided it was time to escape winter and train hard for next season, what a better place then Brazil to finish the year properly… It has been 5 days of good riding and its incredible how there is always wind! Got some new tricks in my bag and can’t wait to show them to all of you, still got 3 more weeks to go so looking ford to come back full of images and work on a new movie.

In the other hand KiteWorld just came out with there new issue and we (Children Of Revolution) are in it! so make sure you grab one in your favorite kite store.

Now gonna sleep and can’t wait to hit the lagoon tomorrow!


Redbull Batalla Trafalgar

The Red Bull Batalla de Trafalgar was a great succes, all the riders like Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court, Alvaro Onieva, Mallory de la Villemarqué, Victor Hays, Marie Switala, Sam Light, Alex Pastor, Gisela Pulido and many more enjoyed the different format, it was great fun to compete in this comp, we all had some great fun pushing our riding! the frenchies arrived in second place, i had some great heats in the battle, i hope i can keep it up for the next comp!

Red Bull Trafalgar Battle

This week I will be attending to an Red Bull event called the red bull trafalgar battle, the story behind this is that in 1805 there was a marine battle, France and Spain against the british. The British took the victory.
These event recreates the history of the battle and it gives us a chance to win it. I will be on the French side of the Battle so if you want your country to win, help us and join the battle on the website! It only takes a few minutes and you get a chance to win some prizes! Aide-nous a vaincre!

!!!!Click here to help!!!!

Let It Hurry By

So after a sick trip in Fuerteventura after the comp with Alex,Tom,Sam, aaron and the Kite Launcher i decided to make a little video of a session i had, we didn’t film much on the trip because we focused more on having some good times on the water. Thanks for the awesome week! Njoy.

Title: Let It Hurry By

Camera: Tom Court from Ripslix
Edited: Forest Bakker from LightBros
Shot on: Canon 550D 60FPS
Lenses: 16MM Nikon fisheye & 1.4 50mm canon lens.

Fast Forward

Once again I have been a full week waiting for wind to finally compete with flaky conditions and not been able to show, what I have been training for. In the end it does not matter. I am not good enough YET to fight for the podium places in the PKRA and I am not yet strong enough to enter the protected and rewarding PKRA Top 8. That are the ONLY places that are counting.

So, I am taking a break from competing for the remaining of this season. Focussing on learning new tricks in constant conditions, and adding the needed 5’s or even 7’s on the tricks I know. Will make some special movies featuring my sponsor materials and services and to give you all a preview of my progress.

I will be back next season to fight for what really counts.

Masmovil Movie Acting and Action

Masmovil has been helping me since I started. They have the guts to offer bottom price high quality mobile communication in Spain. Made this movie for them. It means: when things are cheap we dont realize, Enjoy 🙂

Get Up

Here it is! Get up is finally online, thanks to all for helping and a special thanks to kitaddict,masmovil,hadlow,flexifoil,prolimit and of course progression for being there and filming all my action (not the best but…) Enjoy!

Vimeo description:

After a long year of travelling i finally had the opportunity of staying at home and think about other stuff. Then the progression crew came down and i filmed with them, so thanks a lot to progression for giving me some sick images! If you are interested in learning the tricks that apear on the video please visit there site:

Thanks to:


Aaron Hadlow
Tom Court

My website:​pages/​Forest-Bakker/​103177699721534

©lightbros productions 2011

Kiting back in the 80’s

Here is a sweet long vid of 30min. Last year we went with the kitaddict crew to shot a movie with Stance 😉 here is the action, check it out!!

Facebook Page’s

So i just finished my school exams this weekend, I hade 8 exams in 6 hours… quite a harsh deal… Now that that is finished i have time to focus on other things.

My new movie “Get Up” will be out soon after a long time with out a movie. I created my personal facebook page for you guys to stay updated in an easy way, check it out! I also have a light Bros page were you will be able to see all the latest Light Bros productions so make sure you like this to 😉

Of for a session now! the wind is pumping! I am gonna test the new 2012 Prolimit vertigo harness, looks epic! GOOD WINDS!

Progression Interview

Here is a short interview the progression crew made these days here in Tarifa,  during 3 weeks we hade Levante but we managed to get some good stuff!! If you are interested in learning some of the tricks showed in the video just click on this: here

My new movie “Get Up” is coming soon so stay tunes!

Kitaddict 2011 collection

These couple of days i hade time to film with the progression crew down in my home spot, i really enjoy being back on the water here, it gives me the Tarifa power back :P.I have also been bussy studying for my final exams… However, this update is not about my worry’s, i want to dedicate this post to kitaddict who have been helping me almost from the beginning 🙂 Thx!!

So here is there new collection, looks very promising and i cannot wait to receive it. Now there are busy doing an event down in Leucate (slider party) so if you are down there make sure you check it out, some sick riders like Aaron Hadlow, Billy Parker,etc are ripping it… onfurtanely i wasn’t able to go there because of my exams 😦

I hade a chance to created a page in my website dedicated to the movies we create with our new production called “Light Bros”. It is right on the top but if you are to lassie to find it and click on it here is a much faster way to get there  →LINK← Like our facebook page:

Some pics are coming soon! so stay tuned!  PD: click on the pic to get the full version of the catalogue.

African Mov(i:)es

Thanks to my LightBros (our kite movie revolution production project) along with my mate Thomas Paris there are stil some  nice riding and lifestyle shots I did with him and the other children of the revolution (COR) crew in our trips to african hotspots J-Bay, Cape town and Dakhla Desert.

You can find the full version of our episodes in the stance DVD.

All those dream projects are only possible thnx to the loyal support  I get from Flexifoil, Hadlow, Prolimit, Kitaddict, and MasMovil. Without you this all was and wouldn’t be possible.

Light Bros Production intro:

Children Of Revolution South Africa making of:

On The Pursuit of Happiness 5:

WindAlert Weather

Check out some of my favorite riding spots at WindAlert.