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Great start of a new cycle.

First of all I wish you all the best for 2013, for me 2012 was a real roller coster, as you might know I spend 6 month with a very annoying knee injury (Obvious) spending my time as a DJ in summer, filming and not doing much, but I actually don’t regret it, with this I have learned so much and I got all of my stuff sorted out together, now I feel more alive then ever and the only thing I wanna do is get back to the competition and kick some ass! (we will see how this goes….) Image

ImageLets do a little recap of what i’ve been up to lately:

After my second knee surgery in september I started my rehab, when i talk about rehab I mean a lot of gym, sweat and suffering but it all got well payed of, just after a !!!MONTH!!! my doc said I am ready to get back on the water so thats just what I did, but being as enthusiastic as I am my first session had to take place in Brazil, so just after 4 days after my doc said I would be ready I was off to Brazil with my good friend Alvaro Onieva, and yes I had an incredible trip, got all of my ticks back in the bag plus this time with boots and with even more control and power than ever before…



After 1 and a half month in Brazil it was time to go back to reality but this time only for a week, my next trip planned was taking place in Myanmar to visit my father with my beloved sister, this was a great opportunity to chill after the “stressed” trip we had in Brazil (More coming on that in my next post) and seeing my dad that I haven’t seen for more than a year. I brought all of my kite stuff with the chance that maybe there would be a little bit of wind, unfortunately it never came but I found my self surrounded by the beautiful culture of  Myanmar, so I decided to film a little Doc about it, the images turned out incredible! so stay on alert because soon I will be releasing some very cool movies and videos. Oh, and did I mention that my latest video “Drop It” won the Tricks & Chicks contest? this was the chocolate piece on cake for me 😛


Now I find my self at Singapore airport with surprisingly fast free internet, you might find that normal if you don’t travel much but for someone that travels very often like me this is kind of difficult to find on other airport.

Well I think I’ve said enough, from now on I will update my page more often so if you liked my blog post feel free to subscribe!

Peace and Happy new year!!!!!

PD: Here is a little preview on my work in Myanmar:Image

African Mov(i:)es

Thanks to my LightBros (our kite movie revolution production project) along with my mate Thomas Paris there are stil some  nice riding and lifestyle shots I did with him and the other children of the revolution (COR) crew in our trips to african hotspots J-Bay, Cape town and Dakhla Desert.

You can find the full version of our episodes in the stance DVD.

All those dream projects are only possible thnx to the loyal support  I get from Flexifoil, Hadlow, Prolimit, Kitaddict, and MasMovil. Without you this all was and wouldn’t be possible.

Light Bros Production intro:

Children Of Revolution South Africa making of:

On The Pursuit of Happiness 5:

Sad Reality Check Dakhla Dessert

Was so happy to have my first PKRA of the season in Dakhla. It is my 4th time in the mindblowing dessert here and one of my favourite spots to kite. Just had finished 1 month of second trimester studies for one heavy day with all my exams, and was so looking forward to be focussed only on kiting and showing what I had mastered over the winter on the water.

Qualifications for the main event were going to be hard. First Heat we were with 3 riders, what is difficult for the judges, only winner passing, I had to borrow the 5,5m from Bruna, Nailed 8 tricks and to my surprise only got second place because my opponent was more power full . Now there were 21 riders left for the last 2 spots in the main event. I won 2 heats on a row, beating Spiesberger, Victor Hayes and Bournay; getting me in the finals of the qualifications. Again 3 riders. Ready for action. Second trick and bang……broke my chickenloop…..loosing time, loosing the heat and loosing my place in the main event.

Feeling Shit and Sad.

Its a hard reality check. But I will overcome and use my time here to get stronger; I need more power. Realizing that its only the Top 8 what is counting now and I have to enter to win against anybody.

The season is long, I am young, Time is on my side, I will be back. Stronger.

Bring it On

2010 Overall PKRA results and MÁSmovil with sports.

After an incredible 2 weeks in New Cal I´m back in Tarifa for the exams and studys. Not much wind here,  but its good rest after kiting 2 weeks non stop in paradise! and travelling for almost 2 months around the world.

A Big Thank You to the PKRA organisation of 2010. There were many incredible  and beautifull located events on all continents of the globe. Almost stressing to make it to them all.

The competition level is getting higher with many very good riders. It aint easy to win.  Andy Yates and Gisela Pulido are the well deserved 2010 freestyle champs. !! Congrats to them all the others for riding hard!!

I made 12th in the overall freestyle ranking (so pre-seeded for 2011 🙂 and once again the highest junior in the worldcup.  Happy to be part of it and off course hungry for more next seasson; I will be back.

MÁSmovil has been supporting me since the last 2 years (thnx!) and on their request I produced a small video of 30 seconds to promote MÁSmovil con el deporte ( Masmovil with sports). Check it out below; it gives you already some pre-views of Noumeo images and action.

So for now i am gonna study my ass of and train has hard as my body can take it!  Happy Christmas!!!

Watch in HD

Survived Bariloche

It was cold, it was extreme, but I got on with it and nailed a 7th place, what is my best PKRA result sofar.

Happy I am getting closer and hungry for more.

and in the end a beautifull trip; here some some pics and the PKRA Freestyle Movies.

Credits: toby/PKRA

5th in singles PKRA Argentina

Place: Bariloche, Patagonia
Airtemperature: 12 celcius
Watertemperature: 5 celcius
Wind: 30-35 knots
Weatherprotection: Prolimit 5/4
Kite: Flexi Hadlow 5,5m
Rider: Forest
Sweet Win over Tom Herbert in Second Round
Lost from Andy Yates (winner singles) in 1/4 final
Place: 5th (shared)

Lets see what I can do in the doubles

Thanks to MasMovil and my Parents for getting me here.

On My Way 41.3

The first winter waves and first rains arrived in Tarifa. After riding some its time to move and start with the trip. Amsterdam for a ProLimit team meeting and photoshoot; then Vlieland to try the new Flexifoil Hadlow and train with some cold winds to test the new wetsuits for Argentina. Check it out on this more lifestyle episode of my around the world adventures this autumn and coming winter.

Back on tulipane land + Lowmobe grab

I have been 4 days now here in holland, i first came for a prolimit photoshoot and i can tell you the new 2011 material is just amazing! Also i have all my new flexifoil gear, i hade a chance to try the Hadlow Por 7m and its just perfect! the quality is amazingand i was impressed with the relaunch. For the coming days i am gonna be chilling and training here in Vlieland for the next competion taking place in Cannet (France) after that me and my father will go to Argentina.

Here is a short video with a new trick i learned back in tarifa,

Good and Bad Feelings

After Essaouira I travelled directly with Kevin to Marrakesh, where just before the flight departure we watched with 100 people on a small laptop Spain winning over the Netherlands. Did not  know if I should have been happy or sad, being half dutch, but living in Tarifa for the last 10 years. 

The next evening I arrived in Vlieland, trained a bit with 40 knots of wind, surfed a bit on a windless swell and travelled a couple of days later well rested with fellow Flexifoil rider Jerrie to Germany (Thnx Huib!) .

This is the largest Kite event in the world. 114 inscriptions, so just getting into the 32 riders only main event is a hard job, but got that done on the first day. In the singles I moved up a round before meeting Andy. Really happy that I sticked my first KGB to Blind in a heat, but sadly lost against the later finalist, who landed 3 doubles. (Just wait till I get a bit bigger and stronger:)

In the Doubles I met Tom Herbert. It was a really close heat, but he passed on.  I have a good feeling about my riding, but I feel bad about loosing with split judge decissions, so I cannot wait for Fuerteventura to train, to film and then to get back and get the win on my side and move up the ladder a bit higher…

Once again a big thank you to MasMovil, Flexifoil, Prolimit, Kitaddict and my Family for letting me follow my dreams

9th in Camel land

Just finished my heat against Seb Garat on my 7m totally powered, wind conditions from 15 to 35 knots, not the best wind, Seb passed to the next heat.

Before that in the singles i passed directly against Ariel Corniel from DR, I did a good heat but it was not enough to beat Ariel (winner of pkra in DR)

In the doubles i won against Bowd and that made me go against Seb.

I have been pretty busy lately so i didn’t have much time to film the last shots needed for my new movie number 41, i will be leaving to Vlieland on sunday and i expect good wind for some filming sessions! After the Germany event i will go to Fuerteventura to film for “children of Revolution”, they are episodes showing the level of young french riders.

Rock it!

Number 41

Its been some time you haven’t heard from me, since I have been very busy with school; finishing my last exams 🙂 and off course training everyday with wind to improve my level for this exiting long summer full with competitions!  we also have been filming lately again (with my friends camera because mine crashed while I was exporting the Thailand images 😦  ) I am working at the moment on my new video called “Number 41”,  its gonna have epic new tricks and cool effects, hope you will enjoy it! My next competition will be in Morocco very soon, for nowsome screen shots from my new video, Cheers!

Ascension 3th and 2nd

Been in France again for another competition during last week Ascension weekend. This time travelling with Tarifa talent Liam and his family(thnx a lot!!). Getting there with the ash cloud blocking spanisch airspace for some days was a lot of last minute stress (love you, mam!), but in the end we made it to the european juniors in Saint Pierre de la Mer. The really nice organisation had given me an appartment by myself (Merci!).

The competition was well organized, but a bit strange for me; good wind, however a dingles format instead of the expected singles & doubles . I did also not really understand the judging criterias while I nailed some of my best powered low mobes, frontmobes, kgb, etc; it did not seem to be enough to beat some of my in my eyes more dangling h-passing opponents; in the end I got a podium 3th out of 20 riders, but came here to Win, mixed feelings, mais cést la vie.

Next Day with 35 knots they did best trick old school and I made it in the final against my dutch friend Johnno. It was fun; we gave a nice show, big jumps, broke my board (sorry, ricardo); resulting 2nd.