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Children Of the Revolution in the Philippines

Just came back from the Philippines and there is so much to say about it, here is a little sneak peak & the rest you will see in the videos coming soon:

So after a trip in Fuerteventura my mate Thomas Paris told me i should book my ticket to the Philippines and thats what I did, after a stressful 4 days organizing my trip I finally arrived. I didn’t really know what to expect but as soon as I arrived in Boracay things started to change. Me and the Children of the Revolution participated at the funboard cup, it was really fun and i ended up 3rd in Freestyle.

After the comp, the COR crew and Normeth (she organized everything for us in the Philippines) had a talk and we decided to escape the party and people in Boracay and focus on the video production we had planned to do, so we went to Union Bay were we found a perfect flat water location, we decided to do a heli shot there and it turned out pretty good!
After 3 days hitting kickers, kiting all day long and enjoying the spot we traveled to Sabang because Thomas definitely wanted me to check the spot out and he told me we would surf and kite all day in a spot were no one has ever kited before, so 3 days after union bay we arrived in Sabang, it was a very local little village in the region of Vigan, we were staying in a huge house just meters of a perfect breaking wave, i was amazed by this wonderful place! We filmed, surf, kite for 11 days and then moved to Cagayan Valley, the Senator sponsored us the stay there (5 star hotel, private Casino, room service 24h a day, etc) they wanted us to check a spot that never no one kited and by our surprise it was perfect!
All the trip was captured on video, we got 500gb of stunning images so stay tuned cause this year you will see lots of the Philippines around the internet!
I really want to Thank all my sponsors, especially Másmovil, Kitaddict, Prolimit for making this trip possible, Normeth for organizing everything, Theresa and of cours all the Children Of the revolution for this awesome time, I’m glad to be part of this 😉
I did some screen grabs of some of the images that resume what i said in this post, check the slide show.

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Masmovil Movie Acting and Action

Masmovil has been helping me since I started. They have the guts to offer bottom price high quality mobile communication in Spain. Made this movie for them. It means: when things are cheap we dont realize, Enjoy 🙂

Facebook Page’s

So i just finished my school exams this weekend, I hade 8 exams in 6 hours… quite a harsh deal… Now that that is finished i have time to focus on other things.

My new movie “Get Up” will be out soon after a long time with out a movie. I created my personal facebook page for you guys to stay updated in an easy way, check it out! I also have a light Bros page were you will be able to see all the latest Light Bros productions so make sure you like this to 😉

Of for a session now! the wind is pumping! I am gonna test the new 2012 Prolimit vertigo harness, looks epic! GOOD WINDS!

Kitaddict 2011 collection

These couple of days i hade time to film with the progression crew down in my home spot, i really enjoy being back on the water here, it gives me the Tarifa power back :P.I have also been bussy studying for my final exams… However, this update is not about my worry’s, i want to dedicate this post to kitaddict who have been helping me almost from the beginning 🙂 Thx!!

So here is there new collection, looks very promising and i cannot wait to receive it. Now there are busy doing an event down in Leucate (slider party) so if you are down there make sure you check it out, some sick riders like Aaron Hadlow, Billy Parker,etc are ripping it… onfurtanely i wasn’t able to go there because of my exams 😦

I hade a chance to created a page in my website dedicated to the movies we create with our new production called “Light Bros”. It is right on the top but if you are to lassie to find it and click on it here is a much faster way to get there  →LINK← Like our facebook page:

Some pics are coming soon! so stay tuned!  PD: click on the pic to get the full version of the catalogue.

African Mov(i:)es

Thanks to my LightBros (our kite movie revolution production project) along with my mate Thomas Paris there are stil some  nice riding and lifestyle shots I did with him and the other children of the revolution (COR) crew in our trips to african hotspots J-Bay, Cape town and Dakhla Desert.

You can find the full version of our episodes in the stance DVD.

All those dream projects are only possible thnx to the loyal support  I get from Flexifoil, Hadlow, Prolimit, Kitaddict, and MasMovil. Without you this all was and wouldn’t be possible.

Light Bros Production intro:

Children Of Revolution South Africa making of:

On The Pursuit of Happiness 5:

Lucky 13

Ended the PKRA in Leucate (Mondial du Vent) with a 13th place, beating one of the strong Dominicans in the Doubles and then meeting Alex Pastor, who was superman that day.

Off coure I was lucky to get a wildcard for the main event. The competition level is so high, more top (old and new) riders then ever before and just 24 instead of 32 on the big board making the trials a real tough qualification.

April started in Dakhla, where I had bad luck in the qualification finals,  then the bad luck story with my lost laptop in Quiberon and now it rounded up with a lucky 13.

Like to thank everybody,who has been helping me the last 4 weeks, my sponsors, my parents, Loic, the ffvl, kitehero, stefano, toby and many others, who are helping me to get me around and now back on track.

Thank You. 🙂

No Movie(s)

Today I was planning to show you my movie over my adventures, my action, my new moves what we filmed and I edited over the last 3 months in South Africa and Dakhla. 

However a Bad Person stole last weekend my macbook with my back up external harddisk out of our mobile home in Quiberon France, where I was for a very cool meetinh with the whole Flexifoil team.

On it where all my images, my editing programs, my online schoolwork (a lot) and programs, my music, basicly my  living memory over the last 4 years.

So No Movie. Not now, Not very soon.  

First need to get a new macbook and I have no idea when and if.

I am sad, but lucky nobody cab steal the nice moments and memories I have stored in my brain.

and happy that I am healthy to kite.

Will focus on that for the coming week in Leucate. Need some wind.

The Heat is On

Its just spring, but the heat is already fully on. Not that I had a wintersleep; Yes, have been hiding a bit, preparing the season with the help of my sponsors and my parents, kiting hard, training serious and studying my ash off the last month.

Coming Saturday I have all my second trimester exams in 1 day; thats the prize I pay for online school freedom.

The morning after I will leave for the PKRA in Dakhla. Worldcup is going to be hard core this year. Only 24 spots in the main-event, top 8 preseeded plus 4 wildcards for the locals leaves 12 spots with twice as many very strong riders fighting it out this season in the qualifications on the first morning of the first day. And it is going to be like that for the whole season.

Love competing and I am hungry for wins. Pitty there is no more Youth/ Junior Worldcup as the KPWT did 2 years ago. Realisticly I am not strong enough yet for the vertical power needed to beat the Top Guys. Technicaly though I am getting really close.

So I will go full on. Ready to fight for it. Cant wait. Bring it On 🙂

In February I was in Cape Town; thnx to Prolimit and Kitaddict. Love the Table View Vibes. This city is made for surfing and kiting during the winter months. After I travelled east to J-Bay for warm flat waters kitesessions. There we started some new projects with Stance Mag and the Children of the Revolution for the new issue coming out in a month. Also i am working with Thomas Paris and Marvin on a  film production, so stay tuned on that as well!!! Got some pics. As you can see I am riding this year on the Hadlow Freestyle Kiteboard; love it!! Thnx Flexifoil 🙂


Movie episode 41.5 Patagonia

The story behind and around the scenes of my best PKRA freestyle result in 2010 (5th and 7th). Dedicated to Prolimit for the protection against mother nature in Patagonia. Made possible by Masmovil and Kitaddict. It was more then a pleasure chilling down after in the Rio Plata thanks to Flexifoil Argentina (Jotschi and Crew). Thank You all for supporting me. This is for you.

2010 Overall PKRA results and MÁSmovil with sports.

After an incredible 2 weeks in New Cal I´m back in Tarifa for the exams and studys. Not much wind here,  but its good rest after kiting 2 weeks non stop in paradise! and travelling for almost 2 months around the world.

A Big Thank You to the PKRA organisation of 2010. There were many incredible  and beautifull located events on all continents of the globe. Almost stressing to make it to them all.

The competition level is getting higher with many very good riders. It aint easy to win.  Andy Yates and Gisela Pulido are the well deserved 2010 freestyle champs. !! Congrats to them all the others for riding hard!!

I made 12th in the overall freestyle ranking (so pre-seeded for 2011 🙂 and once again the highest junior in the worldcup.  Happy to be part of it and off course hungry for more next seasson; I will be back.

MÁSmovil has been supporting me since the last 2 years (thnx!) and on their request I produced a small video of 30 seconds to promote MÁSmovil con el deporte ( Masmovil with sports). Check it out below; it gives you already some pre-views of Noumeo images and action.

So for now i am gonna study my ass of and train has hard as my body can take it!  Happy Christmas!!!

Watch in HD

Nouvelles de Caledonia

As you can see in the No words from Noumea pictures post below I am in Paradise.

Before and after the PKRA world cup it has been epic lasting kite days.

Unfortunatelly during the competition the wind was unusual strong and gusty and I had left my this year over used 5,5 meter Hadlow Pro in Tarifa. Lucky I could borrow an Ion 5,5 from my Flexifoil teammates and give it my best go.

In the singles I met 5 times german champ Mario in the second round. It were Sotavento kind of conditions; very difficult, but he was killing it on the water this whole competition and moved on.

In the doubles I won in the second round with a 3-0 and met local hero Dinclaux in the 3th round. He had almost stopped our new world champion Andy Yates (only loosing by disqualification) in the singles.  In the still hard gusty conditions I gave it my 100%, sticked my full repertoire, but he was to strong for me. (Those kind of heats drives me to train even harder this winter; I will be back 🙂

In ended 13th, what is not bad considering the very high level of the riders, including top australian, kiwi,s and off course the brazil strong like locals.

With this competition I finished my PKRA season.

I secured a Top 12 position in the final world freestyle 2010 ranking and I am once again the best junior.

Pretty happy with that……..and since the wind is back to dream like conditions I am off to kite more, train more and film more as long as I am still in this Paradise…

BIG Thanks to Johara for helping with everything (you are the dream Flexi Team manager) and off course to, Flexifoil, Prolimit Kitaddict, ffvl, Shapes and my parents for supporting and sponsoring my dreams; MERCI!!!!!!!!

No words from Noumea

Its only Action from this Perfect Paradise (flat clear water, wind and cool people). Thanks to and Flexifoil for getting me here. Check out some of the pics from .

All or Nothing 41.4

Here is my latest episode up in france and down in Tarifa! 🙂 hope you NJOY