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I finally got some time and internet here in isolated Ihla do Guajiru, I have been in Brazil for a month training and getting my level back.
These past days we moved up north to concentrate on a new movie together with Andy Jensen, the images are looking amazing, I can’t wait for all of you to see them.
While here in Brazil I edited some videos, check them out!

“Drop It” is a video for a online contest on riders match! please give your vote!!! only 3 days left!!!


“First Kite Contact” This was my first session in Brazil, no action on the video but there is a little interview.

Hope you enjoy it!


Trickon Spanish Interview

I haven’t been posting much lately, but now I am finally doing much better with my knee and to celebrate I booked my ticket to Brasil! so lots of action will be going on jeje
Here there is a nice interview published on the biggest freestyle website in spain, its in spanish but you can always use google translator 😉

So here you go! Enjoy.


Knee Injury

As most of the people who practice any kind of extreme sport you always have the possibility of getting injured and its part of the game, you gotta pay to play. Two weeks ago I came back from France and Tarifa was spoiling us with perfect winds, I kited everyday together with some of the Top PKRA riders and feeling really confortable with my riding landing all my doubles again and doing some more powered tricks till one day in the lagoon while filming for a new movie I broke my meniscus and stretched some of the ligaments in my Knee, I first didn’t really know what was going on but then I realized something went wrong… Alvaro and Ewan, who were at the lagoon filming came to help me and we went straight to the hospital, ones we arrived the doctor said that i only had my ACL a bit stretched and that it was gonna be OK, i already had some bad experiences at the hospital of Tarifa so me and my mom decided to see a specialist that would do a Scan and really see what was going on. When we finally had the results it was a bit worse than what we thought, my meniscus was completely squashed and some of my ligaments were stretched, he directly said that I needed an Operation for it not to hurt anymore because a meniscus can’t really get repaired and they would have to remove some of it.
Now I am back from the surgery, 6 weeks no kiting 😦 that really sucks but I will be back stronger than ever!

Back to the Roots

After an amazing trip in the Philippines it was quite hard to get back on routine, but slowly i started getting back to the reel world and study for my upcoming exams next week. I’ve been in Tarifa now for almost 3 weeks and it has been pretty cool, i had a chance to see all my homies and hang a bit with them, also edit some videos (new video coming up very soon), bit of emails, study and all of that “boring” part of life, but it always has to be done. In terms of wind Tarifa hasn’t really been that good, I had a couple of good poniente sessions to get used to the “cold” wether and stick some of the tricks i learned in the Philippines.

Back in the Philippines we did lots of filming, theres gonna be 10 episodes coming out online after “The Revolution” film (check my previews post to know more about that) and a 26 min video edited by stance that will be sold to the TV in France. We have lots of projects going on, so much that i sometimes forget half of them!
I want to talk a bit from the last place we stayed in the Philippines, its called Cagayan Valley, its a huge land owned by the Senator who invited us there and he wanted us to discover a place that could have lots of potential in kiting, so we decided to check it out and it was incredible, we had so much support for anything we wanted to do, we were treated like kings haha 2 huge houses with private pool in each of them, 24 hours room service, driver, Casino, lots of great food, wonderful place and most importantly the kiting was just perfect, flat water with waves on the outside, wind for 9 meters almost everyday and i could keep on telling but i dont want to make you to jealous 😛 I will post some pics from the place and its definitely a place to check out in the future, now they are working on some kite facilities and new places to stay so stay tuned, anyway the place will be visible on our episodes. Click here to check the website

On the 18th of March i will be leaving to Dakhla to film and train for the PKRA, really looking forward to that.

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The Revolution Trailer

The COR crew just entered a competition and we need your help to vote! so please take a sec and vote for the revolution trailer video, the full version will be out soon and it will be for free!! it took us a lot of work and time to make the movie and we would be very happy if all of you can help. Here is the Riders Match video and you will find the vote bottom, I am not sure if you need an account to vote but if yes please it will take a minute, you can vote 1 time per day if you like 🙂 Thanks!

Back in 2011 we finished the season with almost 1TB of images featuring the Children Of The Revolution around the world. We decided to make an edit for the internet and it will be for FREE!!! more than 1 hour of lifestyle and action, the movie will be out soon so keep your eyes open for some sick action.

A Light Bros film.

Thomas Paris, Forest Bakker, Louis Hutter, Adrien Dennis, Charles Tiger, Thibaut Razeyre and many more.

Please like our page for more coming soon:

Light Bros Productions©

Children Of the Revolution in the Philippines

Just came back from the Philippines and there is so much to say about it, here is a little sneak peak & the rest you will see in the videos coming soon:

So after a trip in Fuerteventura my mate Thomas Paris told me i should book my ticket to the Philippines and thats what I did, after a stressful 4 days organizing my trip I finally arrived. I didn’t really know what to expect but as soon as I arrived in Boracay things started to change. Me and the Children of the Revolution participated at the funboard cup, it was really fun and i ended up 3rd in Freestyle.

After the comp, the COR crew and Normeth (she organized everything for us in the Philippines) had a talk and we decided to escape the party and people in Boracay and focus on the video production we had planned to do, so we went to Union Bay were we found a perfect flat water location, we decided to do a heli shot there and it turned out pretty good!
After 3 days hitting kickers, kiting all day long and enjoying the spot we traveled to Sabang because Thomas definitely wanted me to check the spot out and he told me we would surf and kite all day in a spot were no one has ever kited before, so 3 days after union bay we arrived in Sabang, it was a very local little village in the region of Vigan, we were staying in a huge house just meters of a perfect breaking wave, i was amazed by this wonderful place! We filmed, surf, kite for 11 days and then moved to Cagayan Valley, the Senator sponsored us the stay there (5 star hotel, private Casino, room service 24h a day, etc) they wanted us to check a spot that never no one kited and by our surprise it was perfect!
All the trip was captured on video, we got 500gb of stunning images so stay tuned cause this year you will see lots of the Philippines around the internet!
I really want to Thank all my sponsors, especially Másmovil, Kitaddict, Prolimit for making this trip possible, Normeth for organizing everything, Theresa and of cours all the Children Of the revolution for this awesome time, I’m glad to be part of this 😉
I did some screen grabs of some of the images that resume what i said in this post, check the slide show.

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Brasil & Kiteworld

It has been pretty busy for me since the end of summer, lately i have worked a lot on film production and traveling around working on that, after two month of making videos for other people i decided it was time to escape winter and train hard for next season, what a better place then Brazil to finish the year properly… It has been 5 days of good riding and its incredible how there is always wind! Got some new tricks in my bag and can’t wait to show them to all of you, still got 3 more weeks to go so looking ford to come back full of images and work on a new movie.

In the other hand KiteWorld just came out with there new issue and we (Children Of Revolution) are in it! so make sure you grab one in your favorite kite store.

Now gonna sleep and can’t wait to hit the lagoon tomorrow!

Fast Forward

Once again I have been a full week waiting for wind to finally compete with flaky conditions and not been able to show, what I have been training for. In the end it does not matter. I am not good enough YET to fight for the podium places in the PKRA and I am not yet strong enough to enter the protected and rewarding PKRA Top 8. That are the ONLY places that are counting.

So, I am taking a break from competing for the remaining of this season. Focussing on learning new tricks in constant conditions, and adding the needed 5’s or even 7’s on the tricks I know. Will make some special movies featuring my sponsor materials and services and to give you all a preview of my progress.

I will be back next season to fight for what really counts.

Facebook Page’s

So i just finished my school exams this weekend, I hade 8 exams in 6 hours… quite a harsh deal… Now that that is finished i have time to focus on other things.

My new movie “Get Up” will be out soon after a long time with out a movie. I created my personal facebook page for you guys to stay updated in an easy way, check it out! I also have a light Bros page were you will be able to see all the latest Light Bros productions so make sure you like this to 😉

Of for a session now! the wind is pumping! I am gonna test the new 2012 Prolimit vertigo harness, looks epic! GOOD WINDS!

Progression Interview

Here is a short interview the progression crew made these days here in Tarifa,  during 3 weeks we hade Levante but we managed to get some good stuff!! If you are interested in learning some of the tricks showed in the video just click on this: here

My new movie “Get Up” is coming soon so stay tunes!

African Mov(i:)es

Thanks to my LightBros (our kite movie revolution production project) along with my mate Thomas Paris there are stil some  nice riding and lifestyle shots I did with him and the other children of the revolution (COR) crew in our trips to african hotspots J-Bay, Cape town and Dakhla Desert.

You can find the full version of our episodes in the stance DVD.

All those dream projects are only possible thnx to the loyal support  I get from Flexifoil, Hadlow, Prolimit, Kitaddict, and MasMovil. Without you this all was and wouldn’t be possible.

Light Bros Production intro:

Children Of Revolution South Africa making of:

On The Pursuit of Happiness 5:

Lucky 13

Ended the PKRA in Leucate (Mondial du Vent) with a 13th place, beating one of the strong Dominicans in the Doubles and then meeting Alex Pastor, who was superman that day.

Off coure I was lucky to get a wildcard for the main event. The competition level is so high, more top (old and new) riders then ever before and just 24 instead of 32 on the big board making the trials a real tough qualification.

April started in Dakhla, where I had bad luck in the qualification finals,  then the bad luck story with my lost laptop in Quiberon and now it rounded up with a lucky 13.

Like to thank everybody,who has been helping me the last 4 weeks, my sponsors, my parents, Loic, the ffvl, kitehero, stefano, toby and many others, who are helping me to get me around and now back on track.

Thank You. 🙂

No Movie(s)

Today I was planning to show you my movie over my adventures, my action, my new moves what we filmed and I edited over the last 3 months in South Africa and Dakhla. 

However a Bad Person stole last weekend my macbook with my back up external harddisk out of our mobile home in Quiberon France, where I was for a very cool meetinh with the whole Flexifoil team.

On it where all my images, my editing programs, my online schoolwork (a lot) and programs, my music, basicly my  living memory over the last 4 years.

So No Movie. Not now, Not very soon.  

First need to get a new macbook and I have no idea when and if.

I am sad, but lucky nobody cab steal the nice moments and memories I have stored in my brain.

and happy that I am healthy to kite.

Will focus on that for the coming week in Leucate. Need some wind.