About Forest

“My name is Forest Bakker, I am a mix of a lot of countries, my father is Dutch my mom French and I was born in the Caribbean. Since a very young age I found a passion in the sea and in extreme sports. I always dreamed of becoming pro in something, so first I started with skateboarding but it wasn’t really my thing, I would always get hurt and get no were, so I decided to jump in the sea and start surfing and I felt a great connexion with the waves and water, the problem is that there wasn’t many waves in Tarifa. So at the age of 11 I started kiting and directly got hooked, it all went quite quick, 6 month later I was sponsored by Flexi and ended up second in the Spanish championships and now I am were I am, happy to be here and with no regrets”. Forest Bakker

Full Name:Forest Bakker


Hometown:Tarifa (Spain)

Residence:All around the world

Years Riding:6 years

Who or what gets you amped?:I really don’t have a specific thing that gets me amped, I just try to look around me and I always find the way. Its not about getting amped to do something, its about doing it and getting amped ones its done.

How did you get into filming?:My mom is an artist, she was a painter and moved on to a photographer, so since a very young age I always imaged the world as an image. It was when I was 13 that I really started filming and editing my own films for my sponsors. I really started getting hooked and now I find my self making movies for big companies that enjoy my imagination, I cant ask for more.


Effects or no effects?Images speak by there self, I was always a visual effects fan but know I changed my mind, simplicity is very important in all videos, its very important for people to understand the image you capture, if there is no meaning in the image than yes a special effect can be cool but never to much. Slow motions are a different thing, I don’t really consider a slow motion a special effect, its just an image but slower haha

Your favourite Movie of all times.My favourite movie of all time is a very difficult question, but probably snatch or inception.

One capture you always taking with you.One image I took in the Philippines with some local kids playing basketball and having fun, you could see in there eyes that even with not much you can always find happiness, I thought it was a powerful image.

Your greatest extravagance.I am a big spender, I hate having money in cash so I always spend it in very stupid things when I could do better things with it.

Describe yourself in one word.Indescribable.

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