Knee Injury

As most of the people who practice any kind of extreme sport you always have the possibility of getting injured and its part of the game, you gotta pay to play. Two weeks ago I came back from France and Tarifa was spoiling us with perfect winds, I kited everyday together with some of the Top PKRA riders and feeling really confortable with my riding landing all my doubles again and doing some more powered tricks till one day in the lagoon while filming for a new movie I broke my meniscus and stretched some of the ligaments in my Knee, I first didn’t really know what was going on but then I realized something went wrong… Alvaro and Ewan, who were at the lagoon filming came to help me and we went straight to the hospital, ones we arrived the doctor said that i only had my ACL a bit stretched and that it was gonna be OK, i already had some bad experiences at the hospital of Tarifa so me and my mom decided to see a specialist that would do a Scan and really see what was going on. When we finally had the results it was a bit worse than what we thought, my meniscus was completely squashed and some of my ligaments were stretched, he directly said that I needed an Operation for it not to hurt anymore because a meniscus can’t really get repaired and they would have to remove some of it.
Now I am back from the surgery, 6 weeks no kiting 😦 that really sucks but I will be back stronger than ever!


About 4estbakker

Name: Forest Bakker Date of birth: 06/12/1994 Nationality: West Indian (born in Barbados) Years Riding: One! Team: Flexifoil International Kiteboarding Team,masmovil nacional team rider Equipment: Full suite of HadlowPro's I was born on the 6th December 1994, in Barbados. I now live in Tarifa, Spain (since 2001) with my family. (Mother) Elsa, French, Designer, Skier, BMX generation! (Father) Jeri, Dutch, Skier and Sailor and my (Sister) Luna. I speak English, Spanish and French. My kite fascination started in 2002 with Jaime Herraiz as my first hero and have been flying on the beach kiting ever since, mimicking every possible move in any wind. I was not allowed to kitesurf until I was ripping waves in plain surfing (Tarifa winter waves) and I got my sealegs! (Antibes-Athens on Schooner summer 2006) I've been Kite surfing since June 2007 I love to Surf, Skate and Indo Board and Ski. I enjoy video editing, music and of course spending time with all my friends. I am playing with a number of tricks at the moment (when the wind is thermic from the west - 'Poniente') I perfecting my: - KGB with tweaked grap - Powering up my tricks - trying to get more control on blind landings - Higher kung-fu and air-passes - better back mobes and front mobes I'm currently I'm learning: - doubles When the wind is hard from the east (Levante wind) I love free riding and going for big and bigger megaloops with graps. My plans for the future is to travel to all the cool spots, meet more friends, and reach the highest point. I like to make freeriding movies and kite and surf forever!

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